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A letter to Mistress Annisa

This short letter is written in French (roughly translated by me with help from Google Translate). It is a letter to Mistress Annisa Gabrielli of An Tir requesting that she take me as her apprentice/student. Not only did she read it on the spot, but she translated it as she went! I was very impressed.

Calligraphy and wording by me. This is the first document I wrote in the gothic bâtarde hand I use so much. This was written on paper using a steel nib pen.


To Mistress Anissa, well-known dressmaker and craftswoman may this letter be delivered.

I am Alicia du Bois, a French woman living near London with my husband. I write to you to humbly request that you consider taking me as a student in your esteemed company for the purpose of learning better the arts of sewing, drawing, painting, penmanship, tinsmithing and any manner of other things you deem fit to teach.

I would be a good student. I learn quickly and come with some basic knowledge of these things. I am eager to learn from one such as yourself and I am a clever and proper woman. I would endeavor to bring honor to your house and your name.

My husband is a thriving wool merchant doing trade here in London despite the current political climate. He is able to pay you a suitable sum for your teachings.

May you and yours be in good health and body.

Written by my own hand at London the Wednesday after the feast of Michaelmas by your humble servant Alicia du Bois

She accepted!

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