Order of the Carp for a Dedicated Medievalist

This project was a collaboration with my best friend Madelena Vieri. I did the calligraphy and she sketched the adaptation based on a page from a 15th century book of hours called The Rohan Hours, and painted it.

Inspiration – The Rohan Hours

This award is granted to individuals who spend a significant amount of time and effort developing their persona. The recipient of this award personifies a woman from the 15th century and the completed artwork shows her likeness.

This piece was written on watercolor paper using a dip pen and my smallest gothic bâtarde. The text area size is about 2″x4″.

Finished size: 8″x10″ paper, with 1″ margins (very close to the original’s 7×9 overall with modification for framing convenience)

What do you think of this project?

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