Dresser Box Decorations

This project was a collaboration with Master Andrew Crowe. He conceived of and built the two boxes as well as a lightweight table surface. I stained the boxes, drew our initials on the tops of them, and drew and painted our badges on the drawers inside. Andrew also chip carved our initials into the tops of the boxes and details of our badges (the fret on his and the annulet on mine).

Each box is a mirror image of the other with four shelves and a small drawer with a leather pull. They can be folded in half and latched for transportation. There are leather straps for carrying the boxes also.

When opened, the boxes can be set up with the tabletop to form a desk inside the tent. Rails on the bottoms and tops of the boxes help keep the boxes from being in direct contact with the ground and help keep the tabletop on.

The box rails are spaced so that the dresser boxes can be stacked on top of one another for efficient and instant hotel event packing and unpacking!

What do you think of this project?

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