Class: Intentional Drawing

Class Length:
1 hour

Class Level/Prerequisites:
This class is open to anyone.

Class Format:
Hands-on; taught in-person or online.

Class Description:
Using focused, deliberate, intentional strokes, we will practice drawing patterns and shapes based on the Zentangle method that are designed to improve your calligraphy skills.

Maximum Number of Participants:
In Person: 15 students

Online: 7 students

Classroom Space Requirements:
In Person: We will need enough table space and chairs for the number of students. The class area should be in a quiet location.

Online: Being able to see the video is important and being able to share yourself on video is less important.

Are Children Welcome?
Children are always welcome at my classes if they are willing to listen and try the exercises.

In Person:

  • A fine-line (.05) pen such as a Micron would be useful but I will have some you can borrow during the class if necessary.
  • The supplies listed below (except the pens) plus the color handout are available at the class for a $3 supply fee.


  • Pencil: Any pencil will do. Reasonably sharpened. Eraser optional.
  • Fine line marker: a fine-tip pen of .03(mm) tip size is ideal but nothing thicker than a .5mm. Black is ideal. Any single color will do.
  • Thick paper: Ideally cardstock or bristol paper. You’ll need two pieces about 4in or 10cm square. Ideally this is white or light colored and smooth paper that your marker draws on easily.  
  • Calligraphy marker or pen & ink: Any size will do.
  • Some table space to work at and a comfortable chair.

Available upon request.

Dates and Locations Given

  • Online – June 1, 2020
  • Online – May 31, 2020
  • An Tir Collegium – November 2019

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