Class: Writing for the Web v.2 Research Paper Transformation

Class Length:
1 hour

Class Level/Prerequisites:
This class is open to anyone who can read and write.

Class Format:
Lecture; taught in-person or online.

Class Description:
There are several differences between writing content for a web page and writing content for something like a research paper or piece of documentation to accompany an Arts & Sciences project.

This tutorial focuses on transforming the structure, voice, and content of a research paper to an online audience. We will cover things like audience selection, user reading behavior, and how to capture your audience’s attention throughout your post.

Alicia du Bois may appear as though she is from the late 14th century, but she has another identity as a modern Web Technology professional. With over 20 years in the field, she has seen a lot of good, bad, and ugly writing on the web and is always trying to improve her own writing.

Maximum Number of Participants:
In Person: no limit

Online: no limit

Classroom Space Requirements:
In Person: We will need enough chairs for the number of students.

Online: Being able to see the video is important and being able to share yourself on video is less important.

Are Children Welcome?
Children are always welcome at my classes if they are willing to listen.

None needed

Available upon request.

Dates and Locations Given

Online May 4, 2021: Writing for the Web v.2 Research Paper Transformation

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